Background on 

Booyco’s Military Systems

Booyco’s Military HVACs are suitable for the harsh and demanding operating conditions encountered in military applications. Our expertise spans into Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) filtration ready HVACs – including the integration of these systems into our HVAC if required, as well as the design and development of custom compact Auxiliary Power Units (APUs).

Notable aviation HVAC solutions include the supply of avionics cooling systems for use in Ground Support Units (GSU) as well as the production of the Environmental Control System (ECS) for the Rooivalk attack helicopter. Regarding naval systems, Booyco has supplied the equipment cooling systems for, Hydraulic Oil Coolers which were used by the South African Navy and Components for the SAN Submarines.

Military Contracts and Specifications

All our military air-handling systems are purpose-built, and we have handled numerous prestigious contracts for international and South African organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Some of Booyco’s flagship projects include:

  • Tank Technology Demonstrator
  • SA Defense Force and Australian MBT upgrades of the turret mounted cooling systems for the MBT
  • South African Built Rooikat 8 x 8 vehicle cooling systems
  • Denel OMC RG31 APC, including the MRAP programme for the US Marine Corps
  • Denel OMC RG12 APC police riot control vehicle cooling systems
  • STE 8 x 8 APC
  • Fokker CBRN ready radar shelter Air Conditioning Units (ACU)

Military specifications we are qualified our systems to include:

  • Mil Std 810: Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests
  • Mil Std 461: Requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment
  • MIL-STD 1472: Design criteria standard: human engineering
  • AECTP-200 Environmental conditions
  • AECTP 250: Electrical and electromagnetic environmental conditions
  • AECTP 400: Mechanical environmental tests

Featured Military Projects

RG-31 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Military Shelter HVAC Systems

Terrex Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Spares and Logistical Support Offerings

For the various HVAC and APU systems we offer, Booyco supplies a complete logistical support solution which includes failure predictive modelling solutions, spare parts, and operator and support maintenance manuals.  This support offering also expands into the supply of spare parts for other military systems, such as:

Soft skinned vehicles

Armoured vehicles and tanks

Aircrafts & helicopters

Communications, command, and control systems

Biological and chemical warfare equipment