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Booyco’s Quality Assurance 

Booyco Engineering has a focused approach to customer satisfaction through quality assurance of both our products and our services.  Risk management is our key focus to ensure we deliver a quality product.  Risk is managed through the design, manufacture and after sales processes, using the various risk management tools we have available, such as FMEAs and risk and control management plans. 

Processes and procedures within the company conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which we have been accredited by SHEQ National Cert (Pty) Ltd since September 2018, and have been accredited to the ISO 9001 code since January 2001.  We have also been audited and approved by several OEM railway and military companies.

Each design undergoes stringent “type testing” to both Booyco’s internal standards, as well as any other customer specifications requested to verify our design meets your requirements. 

Thereafter, serial production units will follow a detailed build process, with recorded quality checks along the way, and finally subjected to comprehensive production testing to ensure we deliver consistent quality products to our customers.